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How to do if someone asks for help besides the road when you are driving at night

The interior space of the car is relatively safe for every driver when you drive at night. If suddenly someone appears ahead in the distance and waves his hand to you. What should you do? Encountering someone waving their hand and asking for help at the roadside can be a situation that requires careful consideration, especially at night. Although assisting someone in need is human nature, it’s important to prioritize personal safety. Here are some suggestions you can consider.

Stay calm and observant

Keep your focus on the road and remain aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to the person waving and assess the situation.

Access the situation quickly

Trust your instincts and evaluate the overall environment. Are you in a well-lit, populated area? Is there any visible danger or suspicious activity? Use your judgment to determine if it seems safe to stop.

Always put your personal safety in the first place.

Prioritize your safety and that of any passengers in your vehicle. If you feel uneasy or uncertain about stopping, it is generally recommended to continue driving to a well-lit public area or a location with people around, such as a gas station or a police station, before offering assistance.

Pull Over and Keep your distance from people.

If you decide to stop, ensure it is in a safe and visible location. Pull over to the side of the road, leave enough space between your vehicle and the person, and keep your doors locked.

Call for help

If you are concerned about someone’s well-being and want to offer assistance, you can call emergency services (such as 911 in the US) to report the situation and provide relevant information. They can dispatch appropriate help to the location.

In general, pulling over and stopping for help is not recommended when you drive at night. However, it depends on specific circumstances. Call 911 is always the best option if someone needs help. Always follow local laws, regulations, and guidelines, and exercise caution when encountering unfamiliar or potentially unsafe situations on the road.

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