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What to do if you encounter a protest which has escalated to riots and looting?

The risk of social unrest is rising all over the world. A 17-year-old teen was killed by the police in Paris 2 days ago, and the incident cause a protest soon escalated to riots and looting on Jun 28, 2023.

There are so many security problems now globally, and it’s not as safe as before. If you don’t want to participate in any protest or demonstration as a civilian, you just want to keep safe and stay away from it especially when the protest escalated into riots and looting. Here are some precautionary tips you can follow.

Stay informed

Stay updated with reliable news sources to have accurate information about the situation. Social media can be useful for real-time updates, but be cautious of misinformation or rumors.

Leave the affected areas as soon as possible

Avoid the areas where civil riots and looting are taking place. Stay informed about the situation through reliable news sources and social media updates from official sources.

Shelter in a safe location

If you are in the vicinity of civil unrest, seek shelter in a secure location such as your home, workplace, or a nearby building. Lock all doors and windows and stay inside until the situation stabilizes.

Stay updated with official instructions

Follow any instructions or guidance provided by local authorities. They may issue alerts, curfews, or safety directives to protect residents. Comply with these instructions for your own safety.

Avoid unnecessary travel

Minimize non-essential travel during periods of civil unrest and avoid going out unless it is absolutely necessary. If you must travel, choose alternative routes away from the affected areas.

Maintain situational awareness

Stay alert to your surroundings and be aware of any signs of danger. If you hear or see signs of violence or looting nearby, take immediate action to move to a safer location.

Secure your property

If you have a business or residence in an area prone to civil unrest, take measures to secure your property. Lock all doors and windows, reinforce entry points if possible, and consider installing security cameras or alarms as a deterrent.

Stay connected

Keep your mobile phone charged and have a backup power source available. Maintain communication with family, friends, or neighbors to stay updated on the situation and ensure everyone’s safety.

Do not confront or engage with violent individuals

If you encounter individuals engaged in looting or violence, do not confront them. Your personal safety is paramount, and engaging with aggressive individuals can put you at risk. Instead, prioritize removing yourself from the situation and seek safety.

Report emergencies

If you witness crimes or emergencies occurring, promptly contact local law enforcement authorities to report the incidents. Provide them with accurate information and follow their instructions.

Stay calm and prepare

In tense situations, it’s important to stay calm and composed. Being mentally prepared for such situations can help you make better decisions and respond appropriately to protect yourself and others.

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