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Best mobile safety apps for the woman you should know

Safety is always the top priority for the women. There are many measures that can make you safer. With the development of technology, mobile safety apps have become popular to help women to keep safe. why mobile safety apps are such helpful tools for women’s safety?

Emergency Assistance

Mobile safety apps often have features like emergency buttons or panic alarms that can quickly notify designated contacts or emergency services when you’re in danger or need immediate assistance. These apps provide a fast and discreet way to call for help in an emergency situation.

Location Sharing

Many safety apps offer GPS tracking capabilities, allowing you to share your real-time location with trusted contacts. This feature can be especially useful if you’re walking alone at night, as your loved ones can keep track of your whereabouts and respond promptly if needed.

Safety Check-Ins

Some apps have built-in check-in features that allow you to notify your contacts when you’ve safely reached your destination. This feature provides an added layer of security, ensuring that someone knows you’ve arrived safely.

Deterrent Effect

Knowing that you have a safety app on your phone can act as a deterrent to potential attackers. Criminals may be less likely to target someone who appears to have a means of alerting authorities or loved ones quickly.

Peace of Mind

Having a mobile safety app can provide a sense of peace and reassurance, knowing that you have a tool at your fingertips to enhance your personal safety. It can help alleviate anxiety and make you feel more confident when walking alone, especially in unfamiliar or potentially risky situations.

The best mobile safety apps you should know

Best mobile safety apps for the woman you should know

Life360: Live Location Sharing



While primarily known as a family tracking app, Life360 offers various safety features such as real-time location sharing, SOS alerts, and a panic button. It allows you to connect and communicate with your designated circle of family or friends.

Life360 is a feature-rich mobile safety app that offers location tracking, geofencing, emergency alerts, and communication capabilities within a designated circle. It can be a useful tool for families or close-knit groups to enhance safety and stay connected.
Best mobile safety apps for the woman you should know



Noonlight (formerly SafeTrek) (iOS, Android)

Noonlight is a mobile safety app that features a panic button, connecting you directly to emergency services. It offers integration with other apps and devices, such as ride-sharing platforms, and has a Safe Check-In feature that prompts you to confirm your safety within a set timeframe.

With accurate location tracking, Noonlight ensures quick emergency response. Keep in mind that a subscription is required for full access to its features. Overall, Noonlight is a valuable tool for personal safety and rapid assistance in emergencies.

Noonlight allows you to activate a distress alarm and notifies emergency services with your location when you release the alarm. It also has a timer feature that prompts you to enter a PIN within a specified time frame, and if you don’t enter it, an alert is sent to emergency services.

Best mobile safety apps for the woman you should know




Ursafe is a new app available both on Android and IOS. The features of ursafe includes:

  • Track me features
  • Follow me features
  • Real time audio and visual live streaming 
  • Fall detection
  • Crash detection
  • SOS Activation
  • Squad check-in feature etc.

Ursafe is a hands-free 911 integrated app with GPS, SOS, and voice activation, it’s easy to use and a great help for users to keep safe if they walk alone at night in the street.

Best mobile safety apps for the woman you should know




“I’m Safe” is a new app developed as a solution for women who want to stay safe when alone at night or even during the day. When activated, the app sends out information about your location to your trusted circle while capturing vital information in the background.

Features of I’M SAFE

  • Track me
  • SOS

I’M SAFE is simple and easy to use. And it’s especially for woman’s safety. Without other complicate features, users can easily familiar with it and use it quickly when an accident happens.

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